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  Carpathia Hosting - Windows and Linux Hosting Provider

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Virginia Managed Hosting Company- Carpathia Hosting -

Carpathia Hosting network connectivity is among the finest in the world. Through state-of-the-art intelligent routing network Carpathia Hosting connects its customers to one of the fastest performing networks available.

Our state-of-the-art Carpathia Intelligent Routing Network (CIRN) is built exclusively atop N+1 redundant, hot failover Juniper hardware. Unlike most managed hosting providers that rely on simple BGP, CIRN does much more than simply counting the number of hops to each end user. CIRN analyzes each one of our transit and peers for latency, jitter, and packet loss then automatically selects the highest performing provider to ensure our customers the fastest speeds available. Developed exclusively by Carpathia Hosting, CIRN has quickly become the preferred network for online gaming and video streaming companies who demand the absolute fastest route.

The Carpathia Hosting data center provides the Tier 1 infrastructure required to remain competitive in today’s tough e-business environment. Our distinguished customers must have their servers available 24x7x365, without exception. At Carpathia Hosting, we employ every reasonably available commercial technology to achieve this goal. From connectivity and power, to HVAC, our Ashburn data center has been engineered to avoid any single point of failure.

Security through a combination of biometric hand geometry readers, an encrypted database and visual confirmation ensures only authorized individuals have access to the Carpathia Hosting data center. Using Recognition Systems, Inc’s Handkey® ll Access Control Reader, Carpathia Hosting has proven, biometric technology. Because authorized personnel must pass through biometric hand scanners at every access point, Carpathia Hosting is able to keep track of where and when someone has entered and exited the facility.

Carpathia Hosting is a leader in web hosting and colocation services in Virginia, Washington DC, and Maryland.

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